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Flash Hybrid Giveaway

100+ Hybrids up for grabs (I know not the best types). You can make as many trips to the station locker, but only 2 visits(e.g. leaving my town and reentering). Send me a message if you are interested. I am giving these away as they are extras from hybrid orders.


  • Must be able to pick up as soon as you message me.
  • Send in an ask with your Mii Name, Character Name, Town and FC (if you don’t, I’ll ignore it).
  • This giveaway will go on till I run out of them.
  • Please do not leave the area with hybrids (if you do or if you are rude to me, I will cut off my wifi).
  • I may also delete your FC afterwards (too full :c). Sorry!

Update: Up for grabs

  • Red Carnations

My FC is 1521 2502 5925 (town is Clover), also thank you but please don’t signal boost ;-; I will just remake another post or let the flowers die haha (I’m making 100 gold roses). Thank you!

Thanks to those who participated! I’ll prob do more of these just for followers only but with better types. So keep an eye out!

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